A few thousand now supplied

Well its been several weeks we have been making the Clear Expression Masks, the face covering with a clear mouth piece for all to see the lips and smile.

Today we hit a sum of 6000 face coverings being supplied to various trusts and associations.

Its incredible to see the results already with a few repeat requests coming in.

Adding to the above, I want to say a massive thank you to all those who are supporting the face coverings and to start with it has to be with mentioning Core Medical Ltd, Deborah Corbett, Managing Director. A special supportive lady who runs a great ship at Core Medical with great products and has encouraged me to walk forward with this venture. THANK YOU Deb for all your support and help, a rock you have been.

Also to thank the team of lovely ladies who started out supporting me and encouraging this project to get where we are today, they made this happen with pulling all the masks together machining away to get that supply out there. AWESOME TEAM THANK YOU.

Last but not least my fab husband and daughter for putting up with me whilst getting the venture off the ground, it has been a little tense but a joy to do with their blessing. THANK YOU.

Megan look out as you know this is all yours, thanks for being there for me and being just brilliant you deserve it, for being there for me when I have needed it and now time for me to give back to you, with us behind you.

So that’s it for today look out for these special masks and the feedback will be shared soon 🙂

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