Are you wearing a mask to support the vulnerable? Can you teach yourself how to lip read or use Sign Language?

Yes its been in the news, yes many are still unaware of clear mouth piece masks, yes many still make them with the incorrect plastic.

With over 14,000 shipped to date mainly due to the great anti-fog mouth piece the Clear Expression Face Covering is becoming a hit with most.

We have yet to break through with some areas like shops, beauticians etc. to enable lip reading and expressions to be seen and production is starting to ramp up fast with additional self employed home workers. Before you ask yes they have a strict hygiene process to follow and are checked.

How important is it to see the lips and expression? Many I have spoken to have never even noticed they read lips until they are covered. Can you?

For an exercise on how to learn how to lip read visit this website – challenge yourself today. Or visit here to see more details about lip reading –

Do you know how to use sign language? have you ever thought about learning? Come on add another tick to the list of ‘I CAN DO IT’, check this website out to see how – or

Now you are half way there. Now you need to shout about the Clear Expression Face Coverings to support those vulnerable.

My last note to add is that one evening finishing off in my home office, an email popped up, a paramedic contacted me who is deaf. The person required a number of masks to be sent due to the ones they had kept fogging up. The person asked for a number of masks for evaluation. I jumped to it and the face coverings will be received today. This person then said ‘ you have really saved my day, I now may be able to attend my induction without fear as I can share the face covering and see the lips to lip read and see the expression’. I am waiting in awe to see how the person got on and so pleased I have help support another fearful person. I also hope I have saved the person’s career and they pass their induction with flying colors 🙂

Sign Language Clip Art

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