Bad plastic being used in many make at home face coverings

I wanted to put some words out today after viewing so many amazing efforts to support the vulnerable who require these kind of face masks and to see the lips to support lip reading.

If you truly are making these masks please research the products you should use to keep the user wearing it as safe as possible.

Check the guidelines out, a great help can be found at BSi. Check what plastic should be used. Unfortunately any kind of plastic will not suffice due to many plastics carrying unsafe and harmful toxins which are checked before using in any scenario. Special plastic is used for food and medical device covering or manufacturing not just a piece of acetate or phone cover plastic. Please do your research and check out the safety. I am no scientist or doctor but realise the safe requirements of a product after many hours of checking, asking advice and reading all sites I possibly could.

The fabric should be washed and checked. Some printed fabric still smell of print dyes afterwards, I would advise against using this, again due to toxins and the smell may cause harm to the user. Please check out before you start handing out 🙂

The BSi have now released a new Standard to obtain a KITE Mark to show your product is safe, go to their website now to see how you can obtain this.

All I ask is for you to do your due diligence and check everything before jumping on the bandwagon of sewing for all .

This is my own opinion, as well as my own thoughts after many hours of research please help and keep all safe, the best intentions by all is fab but KEEP SAFE – 3 layers minimum, water resistant too.

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