Clear Expression Face Coverings hits Hollywood Lighting Team, LA

Its not everyday your product travels the globe and one here to be proud of.

A great friend who works for a lighting team for movie making at IATSE Local 728 (IATSE Local 728 | Dedicated to Motion Picture Set Lighting since 1939 ( is raving about the clear expression anti fog properties. He said that ‘Shouting out to your fellow crew on raising lights is tricky not being able to see lips for understanding and seeing expression, at times it makes it difficult especially working in all conditions, using the face covering, Clear Expression, gives us that benefit of lip reading and feeling at ease with our work buddies, a great product with added single use for infection control, USE IT, BIN IT’.

So watch this space for the next episode of catching Clear Expression in the lime light literally from Steve and his crew California, LA.

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