Clear Expression now sells Bristol Masks

Expanding our product list we have taken on selling these fantastic, comfy masks.

We use them to assemble the Clear Expression Face Covering so we know how good they are.

Especially Made for Glasses Wearers

With Bristol Mask SecurFit™ Disposable Medical Face Mask British made, you will have less fog on your glasses:

Bristol Mask SecurFit™ is a specific technology that helps the mask to fit perfectly on your face.
For better protection and avoid steam on your glasses.

NEW Ear Loops SecurSoft™

Unique on the market and developed by Bristol Mask, SecurSoft™ is 100% microfiber ear loops to make them softer and very comfortable on your skin.

Sealed bag or box of 50 masks:

  • Disposable 3 Ply
  • Adjustable Nose Wire (SecurFit™ available)
  • Ear Loops (SecurSoft™ available)
  • High Filtration (BFE ≥99.9%)
  • Certified BS EN 14683:2019 Type II and Type IIR
  • Latex & Fiberglass Free (Hypoallergenic)
  • Ultra-Light & Comfortable
  • Colour: Blue, Black, White, Ash
  • Dimension: Adult 17.5×9.5cm
British Mask Made in the UK

100% Made in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Most Face Masks sold on the market today do not have tests for Filtration or Fluid resistance- Our Masks do.

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