COVID is still hitting many, ARE YOU still covering up?

COVID19 Still hitting many and all it would take is to wear a #facemask or #face covering to protect yourself.

#Coughs and #sneezing still evident when visiting a #shop or #indoorarea, if only those who are feeling ill would cover up and protect others. Sadly we all have a story hidden and many who are #vulnerable, if catching the virus will suffer greatly.

Yes we have to learn to live with it you say, but it’s hitting again and really isn’t going away yet.

So, today this is a call out to everyone, If you cough or sneeze please use a tissue to protect your nose and mouth. Always sanitise and wash your hands before touching others and items, #germs spread fast.

If you are going to a shop or indoor area with a cold please cover up.

Lastly if you are covering up help those who need to see the #lips and to #communicate with a clear/ #transparent face mask or face covering. Why not check out our testimonials – Testimonials Archives – Clear Expression to see how great our products are with the fantastic anti fog that works, and shop with us for a fast delivery right to your door – click and shop here Shop – Clear Expression the best prices available today.

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Courtesy of Busydays Lincoln

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