Emma De Casse Weinman RSLI MASLI

  1. As a British Sign Language Interpreter it’s crucial my deaf clients are able to see my mouth in order for them to be able to understand me and communicate.

I had tried various masks with clear panels but frustratingly had not found anything that was fit for purpose, especially as most fog up after a period of time, even after using an anti fog spray, and none fitted my face adequately, meaning I felt unsafe working in the current climate, and had also spent lots of money of masks that I couldn’t use. 

A colleague recommended Clear Expression face coverings and I thought I’d give them go, well I’m so pleased I did, I wouldn’t use anything else now. 

My deaf clients are relieved when they know they will be able to lipread me and

I don’t have to worry about the panel fogging over, my mouth are nose are well covered  leaving me feeling more safe than any other mask I’ve tried before, but also comfortable which is crucial when you have to wear a covering for a lengthy period of time. Other masks I’d tried previously used to squash my nose or stick to my mouth, but these don’t, they sit perfectly.

Every time I arrive at a booking, whether it be in a medical setting or elsewhere, I ALWAYS get comments from staff and the public about how fantastic it is to be able to see my my mouth, and I’m asked where I get them.

I regularly signpost people to Clear Expressions, I can’t recommend them enough, and hope that it becomes commonplace for people to wear them as it breaks down so many communication barriers. 

Thank you for creating such a valuable product.

Hope this is ok.

Kind regards

Emma De Casse Weinman RSLI MASLI
BSL/English Interpreter

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