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“The ClearExpressions mask was transformative for communication and companionship from the very first day I used them with my lovely, elderly, “clinically extremely vulnerable” (CEV) Dad. Not only do they enable lipreading, but he can see me smile, laugh and react in a conversation.

So, although I don’t have hearing loss myself, I use them every time I need to wear a mask, not just when we are together. They – so importantly – prompt people to see the value of lipreading, and to think about the need for it, for so very many people. And, since we are innately a deeply social species, they have – innumerable times – garnered many compliments. My interactions with the human world have been enriched by Jane’s work, determination, creativity and commitment, and those of countless others.

Finally, since an audiologist told me that hearing starts to deteriorate from our forties, chances are that these wonderful masks will enrich the lives of every judge and some of their loved ones too. So, whether or not you decide to award Jane Weller the main prize, I warmly encourage you to go to the Clear Expressions website and buy some. I buy 40 at a time – for myself, and for the carers for my cherished Dad.

Full disclosure: I’ve never met Jane Weller, I’m simply a delighted and deeply grateful customer. She has changed thousands of lives, bringing light at a time of darkness. Thank you, Jane!”

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