How to return to ‘Face to Face Training’ by Susan Heaton-Wright & Clear Expression

As well as teams returning to the office, many #leaders and #business owners are asking how to return to face to face #training. How are you finding it? Are you prepared if you have not started back?

There will be a huge skill gap: whether it is new employees, including graduates who have never experienced working in an office, to individuals returning from furlough.

However, just because physical spaces open up again doesn’t mean F2F instructor-led training will return to normal. COVID-19 remains a threat, so you will need to modify your classroom in order to make sure your learners are safe and comfortable.

The Impact of Face Masks

When we are inside, we are still expected to wear masks. This is a challenge for everyone when we are communicating: not only do we miss some subtle facial expressions, but for those who are hard of hearing, they are unable to lip read with ease.

As #trainers we all need to think about innovative ways we could ensure the communication isn’t lost when wearing face masks.

Making people feel safe

The #pandemic has created a different experience for many people. Some people might have lost their jobs; some might have lost family or friends to the virus, whilst others have thrived. We need to be mindful of everyone’s attitudes and be aware of anyone who is feeling vulnerable. Of course for some participants being in a room with others will be fantastic. Whilst for others, it will be daunting and perhaps make them feel quite anxious. Watch out for any signs and support where needed and ensure no one feels marginalised. In the end, the most important factor is to make sure a learning environment is created that is safe and comfortable for everyone.

The full article can be found here – How to return to face to face training – Superstar Communicator – thank you @Susanheatonwright @superstarcomms for your post great read.

Check out another great read at – Hybrid Leadership – Superstar Communicator – Starting back at #HybridMeetings will be a challenge but the face to face interaction helps many.

#Clearexpressionfacecoverings comments:

By using a #ClearMouthpieceFace Coverings, single use for #infectioncontrol, your #audience and class room #delegates will be able to see your #lips and your expression, enabling #communication to be clear.

There may be one person who is too shy to admit they can’t understand your communication by you wearing a full face covering, please help the anxieties and those who are vulnerable, many have to be there in the the room to train for their #job, please consider that a lot or personal symptoms are out of the persons control and support is required by thoughtful #kind people.

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