Whatever the job, communication is important. Show the lips and expression

Since being in hospital and seeing various professions within, it really is clear that seeing the lips and communicating is so important to be understood.

Expression is key to seeing how the person is reacting, is he or she smiling? is he or she looking concerned? are they looking compassionate? with a full face mask on you cannot tell and boy does the anxieties go through the roof.

This is why I designed Clear Expression as a single use, infection control, face covering, with a clear anti fog mouthpiece. I just wish everyone can see how helpful they are as whatever the job you are in these should be worn to support those vulnerable and to help those who need to lipread.

Can you help support?

Its Deaf Awareness Week so lets raise the bar and pull out all the stops to support and help those in need – #DAW2021 – DAW 2021 will focus on ‘coming through it together’, working with our their members to continue to raise awareness more so now than ever and to ensure that we continue to campaign together whilst focusing on positivity going forward.  Deaf Awareness Week – 3rd-9th May 2021 – Hearing Link

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