Will you always wear a mask or face covering when back to norm?

Now that a vaccine is almost imminent, how do you feel about this? ‘YES’ I say its great news and can’t wait.

To get back to the norm would be so nice, especially to walk in and out of shops freely or visit who you wish to. Go out with your favorite friends to a bar or restaurant and live life again.

But how trusting will you be? Will you stop using hand sanitiser’s? will you stop wearing your face mask, face coverings out in public? will you trust you will be safe from harm entering the world as normal as you can?

For me its a question of trust isn’t it? You trust in those making this vaccine, you trust the air will be clean around you and what you breath, you trust what everyone is telling you but I am sure there still will be an air of concern amongst many.

We all want the norm, I know I do. However even for me I feel (my own opinion) the hospitals should still encourage face masks and face coverings to be warn when visiting, keep viruses out and at bay. Do you think it will help? Maybe it won’t time will tell.

What have we learnt by all this? Will it truly ever be the same again? Will businesses still keep up the hygiene that has escalated and clean, clean and clean? Will everyone still focus on what if this happens again? Lets truly think about it.

I hope lessons have been learnt by cleaning when it means clean, wiping down sides and handrails on trains, planes and open shopping areas, keep public spaces maintained and keep hand sanitisers at every door.

Lets hope everyone still cares enough to ensure we don’t go back here again…..

Keep safe everyone, keep washing those hands, KEEP using sanitisers and most of all BE KIND.

Enjoy your week Jane Founder of CEM

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